"The Caravanserai" is a collection of poems by the late I Y Ewan.  Converted while serving as a soldier in World War One, Isaac Ewan was long associated with the assembly in Abernethy, Perthshire.  This book of poems, first published by Gospel Tract Publications in 1980 and now re-published by John Ritchie, is highly recommended.  

There are poems here that present a challenge.  This is the first verse of 'Eternity':

"Timeless eternity, Shoreless infinity, Measureless, limitless, fathomless sea! Final in fixity, Never to pass away, Ever and ever and ever to be."

There are poems here that bring comfort.  This is the second-last verse of 'The Mourner':

"The cloudless morn at last shall rise, When God shall wipe with tender hand, The last sad tears from human eyes, In that abiding better land. There shall all mourning, crying, pain, Sorrow and sighing flee away, There everlasting joy shall reign, In love's great, glad eternity."

There are poems here that speak of Christ.  In 'Azazel', the poet describes the desolation of the wilderness into which the scapegoat of the Day of Atonement was led.  The poem concludes like this:

"I saw a goat, with heavy head drooped low, With sunken eye, and worn, far-travelled feet; In that sad land alone, a living woe, I heard its hoarse, forsaken, piteous bleat.

It pierced the moral universe on high, Upon eternal shores the echoes brake, That lone, that loud, that lamentable cry: 'My God, My God, Why didst Thou Me forsake?'"

The book extends to 231 pages and around 100 poems are included.  Coming with very favourable endorsements from Jack Hay, Craig Munro and Malcolm Radcliffe, this treasure-trove will provide preachers with some extremely quotable lines and will provide all believers with great spiritual enrichment.

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