The Books We Published in 2021

We published some incredible books last year! Here’s a little compilation of our publishing year in case you missed something you might be interested in.




CONSIDERING CREATION - Examine the Evidence

by Bert Cargill

Considering Creation describes some of the wonder and beauty of what we can observe all around us. Many people call it nature. Many others call it creation. That living things evolved from simpler ones, by random processes with no foresight or design, is a theory being challenged by many authors today. This easily read book is part of that challenge, asking readers to examine some of the evidence for creation by design which points to the almighty Designer and Creator.


MOSES - Ritchie Character Study Series

by Tom Wilson

This is the fifth book in the Ritchie Character Study Series. Tom Wilson has provided this very helpful study on the life of Moses, one of the greatest leaders in the Bible, renowned lawgiver, prophet, and deliverer of his people. There are few men and women recorded in Scripture whose lives we are able to follow in great detail from cradle to grave, like we can with Moses. He faced seemingly impossible situations and experienced frustration and failure, and there are many important lessons to be learned from his life for us today.



by Jack Hay

The Bible made us “wise unto salvation” when we were sinners, and it continues to be indispensable for our spiritual development. There is no quick fix for arriving at a full understanding of its teaching; this booklet does not profess to be that. Its aim is to provide basic guidelines for Bible study for younger people or new believers. It goes out with the prayer that even those who are not naturally studious will form the habit of digging a little bit deeper, unearthing spiritual treasures to enrich their lives.





by Tom H. Ratcliffe

This book does not go into a deep, controversial examination of the various interpretations propounded and published by other authors. The objective is to set out the ministry of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in simple and understandable language so that all who read it might comprehend more readily the significance and meaning of the many facts, types, figures, and illustrations employed by the faithful Seer, John, the disciple whom Jesus loved. The author has written in an easily understood form, so that all who may so far have steered clear of reading, or desire an understanding of, the precious Revelation of Jesus Christ, may now be enthused to read, mark, and learn the teaching of the book.




FOLLOW THE SCIENCE - But Be Wary Where It Leads

by David Galloway & Alastair Noble

This book comes from two authors with scientific backgrounds. It recognises the huge advances made through science and their beneficial impact on society. However, it also expresses concern that the essentially tentative nature of scientific conclusions is being replaced by a growing tendency to accord to science the last word on a range of subjects. While the pandemic has shown some of the uncertainties associated with scientific research, this book demonstrates that these become more apparent in such fundamental areas as the origin of both life and the universe, as well as the abiding mystery of mind and consciousness. The authors argue persuasively that we should recognise the limitations of science as well as its unquestionable strength.




DESIGN DISSECTED - Is the Design Real?

by David Galloway

An in-depth, yet fully accessible, look at the evidence for design in living things. This intriguing and informative blend of real clinical cases and entertaining prose is a superb resource for combatting evolutionary arguments, whilst also being an enjoyable read. Written with both prodigious scientific skill and an original narrative voice, 'Design Dissected' will provide a hurdle to any evolutionist who reads it. Specific scenarios are dissected from examples of real cases in clinical medicine and surgery, as well as descriptions of some of the amazing integrated systems that exist in human physiology. This combination of sound information and fascinating anecdote makes this not only highly commendable for those with a background in science, but for anyone who enjoys considering 'the mystery of how living things came to be'.




THE SUCCESS OF THE SERVANT - Studies in the Servant Songs of Isaiah

by Mervyn Wishart

Come explore the remarkable 'Servant Songs' of Isaiah! Written prophetically around 700 years before being fulfilled, this Messianic poem celebrates the sacrificial life of the Lord Jesus, the faithful servant of God. The Success of the Servant will draw you into a deeper appreciation of the glories of Christ - the most rich and rewarding of studies. This book works to provide practical applications in the reader's lives. A suitably in-depth study into 'the Servant Songs' is made accessible through a clear writing style and helpful headings throughout.




FOUR WRITERS ONE STORY - Harmonising the Gospels

by Jeremy Gibson

Have you ever attempted to harmonise the four Gospels into one linear timeline? If so, you know it's no easy feat. However, this is what Jeremy Gibson has done in Four Writers, One Story, resulting in a rigorous yet comprehensible bird's eye view of the Lord's ministry on Earth. An excellent resource for anyone with the desire to deepen their appreciation of the life of Christ. It highlights Christ’s moral perfection, emphasises His deity, and shows just how amazing His miracles really were. It shows how His public service matched Old Testament predictions and anticipated a glorious future when He will finally reign in Jerusalem. He was crucified. But that was not the end. On the third day, He rose again – and He will return as King of kings and Lord of Lords.


JOY IN THE DESERT - 50 years of Gospel Blessing in Botswana

by Clark Logan

With glorious sunsets, incredible wildlife, and peace-loving people, you can almost understand why someone would leave the comforts of home and the security of successful careers, for a life in Botswana. Joy in the Desert tells the true story of a small band of devoted Christians who did just that, moved to an unknown country, with no guaranteed salary, and how God blessed them for over fifty years! It shows how the lives of men and women, and boys and girls, in Botswana have been transformed by the power of the gospel of Christ.




THE MONEY MAZE - The Christian and Money

by Stephen Baker

Money impacts every single one of us. Some see it as simply a means to an end, others view creating wealth as the aim of their life. It is even seen as inherently evil by some. Despite where you personally stand, have you ever stopped to deeply explore what the Bible, our true guide in every aspect of life, has to say about this divisive topic?



by Jack Hay

If you had to answer truthfully, could you say that your prayer life is perfect? That it's not just in an emergency that you become really earnest and persistent in praying? This simple book brings us back to the basics, guiding us to develop a scripturally motivated, and scripturally based, prayer life, drawing examples from various characters throughout the bible. If this book can help just a few readers to develop a scripturally motivated and scripturally based prayer life, then it will have hit the target.




BANQUETING ON THE BIBLE - How to read, study and enjoy the Bible

by Graeme Hutchinson

What is the best way to grow spiritually and develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus? By the careful, regular, systematic reading of God’s word. If this is your desire, then Graeme's mature guidance will deliver doctrinally reliable, methodical, and straightforward wisdom that any believer - whether young or old - will benefit from.


MADE IN HIS IMAGE - The Christian and Abortion

by Philip Mullan

The abortion debate raises sensitive issues and often provokes strong reactions on both sides of the argument. This short book addresses these issues in a holistic and Bible-based manner, by exploring more than just the hard facts of abortion. We are reminded of the Bible’s teaching on what it means to be human, and of the high value that God places on every individual, including the unborn child, the teenage mum, and those who have had abortions. The question of when human life begins is explored from both a biblical and a scientific perspective. Finally, the real heartache, distress, and fear that many women and couples face is considered, and we are encouraged in ways that we can genuinely support them and their children.



by Blanquita Haggerty

Frank Haggerty was more likely to end up in Barlinnie jail than to set sail for Bolivia to preach the Gospel! Raised in a poor part of Glasgow, and active as a gang leader, this is not the story you would expect. But as you follow the trials and joys of Frank and his wife Blanquita, you will find yourself being captivated as well as challenged. Missionary biographies are usually highly readable and interesting. This one is no exception. Vivid, lively, and entertaining as it is, one might forget that there are lessons in it for all who know the Saviour.


JACOB & JOSEPH - Ritchie Character Series

by Jack Hay & Marcus Cain

Jacob has often been propounded as a warning; Joseph as an exemplar. Despite this contrast, their lives are inextricably intertwined and have been given for our instruction and inspiration. In this commentary, two excellent Bible teachers have extracted the practical lessons and expounded them eloquently for our instruction.




END TIMES FOR BEGINNERS - Bible Prophecy Made Simpler

by M David McKillen

What is happening to our world? Is everything as out of control as it seems? Is the end really in sight? In this conversationally styled guide, David McKillen uses the accuracy of the Bible to walk us through God’s plans for the last phase of our planet. With simple, Biblical teaching you can be assured that this book is both informative and accessible to the reader. David’s demonstration of the Bible’s accuracy regarding past events gives us confidence in its predictions of what is still to come.