Can Science Explain Everything? by John Lennox



Many people automatically conclude that God and science don’t mix. ‘Can I be a logical, scientific person and a Christian?’ is a question that many people take time to consider. ‘Can Science Explain Everything?’ is a great introduction to the truth that yes, Science and Christianity can, and do, co-exist. The author, John Lennox is a Northern Irish mathematician and Christian apologist, and as such is the perfect person to tackle this incredibly deep and relevant subject. We live in a society that idolises science, but there are limitations that Lennox clearly expounds. Essentially, he rejected atheism because he believes Christianity to be true. But he also rejects atheism because he is a scientist.

Lennox’s retelling of scientific history and theory is level-headed and logical, but in no way only geared towards those with a PhD or a complicated understanding of science. In fact, this little book is perfectly suited for those just starting their journey with science and Christianity. Lennox often lapses into storytelling with glimpses of his personality shining through, which make it an enjoyable read as well as an educational one.

This book is ideal for those who know a little science and want to know how it relates to Christianity, or for Christians with no scientific background who want to be able to better defend their faith.


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