5 Reasons to Read ‘Charting Through the Old Testament’

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Charting Through the Old Testament is the result of years of work from the pen of John Grant – former editor of the Believer's Magazine, and an excellent and experienced Bible teacher. He expressed his wish before the Lord called him home, that these charts and the supporting text, be published. The staff at John Ritchie have spent many hours in the collation, typesetting and design of the original material in order to publish this beautifully illustrated legacy to his work. The 72 charts provide a panoramic view of the Old Testament and biblical themes, for example, "The Seven Days of Creation", "Chronology from Adam and Noah", and the "Kings of the Old Testament". In case that description isn’t enough, here are 5 reasons why we think that you (or someone you know) could benefit from reading this book.


1. It will help to stimulate an interest in, and a study of, the Old Testament

First and foremost, this book is an incredible resource for anyone who isn’t quite sure where to start when it comes to studying the Old Testament. How do you get your head around a book like Jeremiah? For many Christians it is a daunting prospect. There does not immediately come to mind much about the prophet, the time when he lived and the burden of his ministry. It can then be all too easy to decide to move rapidly to the study of a Gospel or New Testament epistle. Here’s the perfect gateway into the many treasures held within the first part of our Bible.


2. Ideal for a quick reminder of the purpose or theme of a particular Old Testament book

By looking at the charts and commentary associated with a particular book, previous thoughts and lessons can be brought back to mind. This is not just a resource for new believers! It can also be utilised as a refresher before delving back into an in-depth study, or simply as a tool to reflect on the themes of a book.


3. It is the product of years of diligent Bible study

John Grant’s experience as a Bible Class leader, editor of the Believer’s Magazine, writer of commentaries and preacher, have contributed to this excellent work. There is no doubt that the content held within this book will be of tremendous help to the Bible scholar. It has also been said that there are headings for many sound sermons sit on the surface of almost every page!


4. A visual reading experience

Many people struggle to sit down and read large amounts of text. Charting Through the Old Testament is populated with colour, vibrant images, and engaging headings. This is alongside the charts themselves, which present information in a manner that is sure to be easier to understand than paragraphs of long-form text.


5. Commentary that has stood the test of time

The content for this book came from articles written for Believer’s Magazine. There is no doubt that the careful analyses and helpful comments are as relevant, accurate and helpful today as they were then.


Learn more and purchase here: https://www.ritchiechristianmedia.co.uk/product/charting-through-the-old-testament 


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