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52 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know

by Dave Adamson


The Hebrew tongue is a bottomless well of treasures. Knowing some of the Hebrew found throughout the Bible can enhance your understanding and transform the way you read the Scriptures. That is what you’ll get by reading 52 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know by Dave Adamson. We can’t all be cerebral Hebrew scholars, so this faux leather gift book is perfect for shining a light on the Old Testament Hebrew language.

Dave Adamson has experience leading physical and virtual tours of the Holy Land and researching the 1st-century cultural context of Jesus and Hebrew words for his popular daily Instagram devotions and YouTube channel, giving credit to the technical content found within these pages.

Each of the 52 Hebrew words is brought to life beautifully with an in-depth definition, explanation, and historical use of the word, and is paired with images of natural beauty. Not only is it attractively formatted and bound, but the book's small size lends itself perfectly to being carried around and easily accessed.

Each little entry is perfect for a daily (or weekly) devotional and is truly a delight to read. The creativity and knowledge poured into this book would make this a special gift.


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