Book Review: All The Way To Glory

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All The Way To Glory - David Petterson/ 97 pages - Published by John Ritchie Ltd

David Petterson's new book, "All the Way to Glory", is a well written and beautifully matching sequel to his 2022 work, "All the Way to Calvary". In detail he carefully traces the journey of our Lord Jesus from the evening of crucifixion day through to resurrection morning and until the day when He was "received up". The deep meaning in these events as they are described, along with their relevance for us today, makes this a book to reread and enjoy.

There are 14 chapters, none of them lengthy, all of them easy reading. In Chapter 1, the case for the traditional Good Friday crucifixion is argued cogently. Then sequentially we are taken from the evening of the Lord's burial, and those involved in it, to the resurrection morning and the reactions of the women and men who first saw Him. Other appearances to His own in Jerusalem and in Galilee are considered before finally being taken to His ascension from the Mount of Olives, to which He will return one day.

The final chapter is entitled "What the Lord's ascension means for His people", but throughout the book there are many helpful words of encouragement for believers, as well as counsel and warning to unbelievers. For example:

"But in John's closing chapter, there is something so clear it is impossible to miss. The Saviour wants us to love Him, follow Him and take care of His people. And if this is all we learn and all we do, we will not have missed a thing" (from chapter 11)

The author's Preface says, "May these short meditations evoke worship from our hearts and make us more like the One who for us has gone All the Way to Glory."

It is good to be reminded that "the One who was on a tree for us is now on a throne for us".

- Review by Bert Cargill 

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