Could You Answer Their Questions?

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The future of planet Earth is a topic that seems to be on people’s minds more than ever. No one can deny the earth is changing faster than it ever has before. The planet’s occupants, nations, and governments are spinning increasingly out of control. The study of future events has occupied the Church since her earliest days, but now even those who have no faith are seeking answers. God has seen fit to unveil His prophetic programme in the Bible so that we don’t need to wonder or worry about the future. But are each of us capable of giving Bible-based answers to those who are wondering?

There is a need for a resource which simply and accurately propounds God’s prophetic programme, to give a foundational understanding of concepts and events contained within Scripture. Many people assume that a book regarding Bible prophecy will be complex and confusing, but David McKillen has penned a book that is the antithesis of this assumption.

There have been many endorsements of David’s work, from students to fellow authors to assemblies. End Times for Beginners is a conversationally styled guide to what the Bible teaches about God’s plans for the last phase of our planet. First, explore a Bible-based overview of the entire history of mankind, and then focus on future events! David’s demonstration of the Bible’s accuracy regarding past events gives us confidence in its predictions of what is still to come.

Some big questions are being asked every day about this relevant topic… ‘is anyone out there?’, ‘does our world have a future?’, ‘will there be WW3?’, ‘what is the "mark of the beast"?’, ‘is there hope?’. Essential Questions for End Times digs up and unearths many of the missing links that are only found in an honest examination of the biblical record, in order to answer these questions, and many more.

The material presented will challenge and inform both believer and unbeliever alike by showing that the Bible and science are in perfect harmony. And that 2000 years after his death Jesus Christ is still very much alive!

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