How can we know God’s will for our lives?

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The decision we make in the matter of following the will of God deserves to be treated with the utmost importance. The effect of it will impact our lives for good or ill, depending on whether we choose to do the will of God or not.

Author David Weir suggests that, generally speaking, the will of God can be viewed under the following aspects:

- What God does sovereignly according to His purpose and counsel, independently of man.

- What God desires to do through man, with his willing collaboration.

- What is clearly revealed in Scripture as being what He desires.

- What is not clearly revealed, but is part of His plan for an individual and has to be discovered by that individual.

The primary purpose of us being saved is that we may do the will of God. Everything else in our lives must spring from this, including any service we do for Him. It is not something we just happen to do from time to time, but it is at the very root of our daily living and of every decision we make. From this there is a blessed effect, by which His name is glorified and those who do it enjoy peace, joy and fulfilment in their lives. It brings an ever-closer relationship with Him, as well as spiritual stability, for God Himself sustains us.

You can learn more about different aspects of God’s will and how to avoid the dangers awaiting those who live outside God’s will, as well as practical guidance on the subject, in Knowing God's Will For Your Life by David Weir.

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