How do you like to read your books?

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The history of books began with stories being recorded on tablets, scrolls and sheets of papyrus. Books in the form that we know them today – separate sheets bound together – were originally hand-crafted, expensive, and elaborately designed. This process was revolutionised by the invention of the printing press, a device that was made famous by the Gutenberg Bible. This Bible was the first major book to be mass-produced in this way and marked the start of the age of printed books in the West.

Things have progressed so far, with the advent of eBooks and audiobooks, that contemporary books are now starting to have less of a physical presence.

There is no denying that physical books are attractive. Many of us love the look, feel, and even smell of a printed book. You can focus on simply reading without distraction from apps or notifications, not to mention a chance to reduce our ever-climbing screen times and exposure to blue light. Of course, they make great decorations, but they also take up a lot of space. If you’re the type to bring 10 books on a 2-week trip away, then maybe eBooks are for you!

With an eBook just a couple of taps away, filling any spare moment with reading has never been easier. No need to regret leaving your current read on your bedside table when your friend is running late for lunch. It’s also easier to copy key points and link back to sources mentioned in the text. With no ever-rising printing costs to contend with they also tend to be a lot cheaper than physical books. But does that outweigh the joy of browsing a bookshop and selecting a new favourite (hopefully) read to take home…

An ever-growing number of people enjoy the hands-free way of consuming books. Developed from vinyl records to tapes to CDs to apps, now we can enjoy a story, or learn something new, whilst cooking dinner, going for a walk, or driving in the car with family or friends. Of course, this is again less tactile and decorative than a paperback, and perhaps easier to miss sections whilst momentarily distracted (or maybe that’s just me?).

So which kind do you prefer? Maybe you stand firmly on the side of a particular format, but it’s likely you agree that they each have their place. With so many great books out there, you might be currently reading a physical book in bed, listening to an audiobook on your daily commute, and downloading an army of eBooks for your upcoming holiday. Whichever is the case for you, I’m sure we can at least agree that any format of book is better than no book at all!

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