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The Hiding Place: An Engaging Visual Journey

by Corrie ten Boom


The Hiding Place hardly needs an introduction. It is an incredible true story that will impact the lives of all who read it.

There was a time in Corrie ten Boom’s life when she would have laughed at the idea of her life being a story worth telling. For the first fifty years of her life, nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened to her. She was a self-proclaimed old-maid watchmaker living contentedly with her spinster sister and their elderly father in the tiny Dutch house over their shop. Their uneventful days, as regulated as their own watches, revolved around their abiding love for one another. But then the Nazis invaded and occupied Holland, and her tumultuous story began.

Corrie and her family became leaders in the Dutch Underground, hiding Jewish people in their home in a specially built room and aiding their escape from the Nazis. For their help, the family found themselves imprisoned in a concentration camp. The Hiding Place is their story.

You cannot help but be moved and inspired by the unwavering courage and faith in God that Corrie and her family had in the face of unimaginable horrors.

For the first time, the ten Boom family’s heart-wrenching story of sacrifice and survival is presented as a special edition complete with rare family photos, accents of Dutch Delft–style design, artwork by Dutch artists, and personal ephemera. Hand-lettered inspirational quotes and Scripture combined with artwork reminiscent of World War II Europe make The Hiding Place come alive like never before.


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