Verifying the Bible as God’s Word

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As Christians we are confident that the library of 66 books that make up our Bible are more than just the writings of men. The authors themselves claim over 3,000 times that every word came from God. But as these claims all come from the Bible itself, we need to look at other ways in which to verify it’s truth.

Scripture has been written so that we can verify its truthfulness in areas that we understand and can check out. There are many such areas, but here are four examples:

  1. History - all archeological research to date has demonstrated the accuracy of the Bible.
  2. Scientific accuracy - all proven scientific and medical developments are in agreement with what the Bible teaches in these areas.
  3. Unity - the Bible has unity of thought and truth from beginning to end—it has a consistent presentation of truth and ethics from Genesis to Revelation.
  4. Prophecy - all the Bible’s predictions that have been fulfilled to date have been accurate.

It is an amazing fact that the Bible made statements about things that men at the time of writing had no way of knowing, and scientific research and development has since proved them to be true.

Adapted from his book Three in One: The Christian and the Character of God, these thoughts from Stephen Baker aim to show that because the Bible is accurate in the areas of life we are able to check out, then it is reasonable to rely on its truthfulness in matters of our origin and spiritual matters that we are not in a position to verify.


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