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Lord's Prayer

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"Father, the hour is come ..."

This can be called the true "Lord's Prayer". In these verses the Lord Jesus prayed for Himself (v1-5), He prayed for the apostles (v6-19), and He prayed for all believers who would form the church.

He lifts his eyes to Heaven and says, "Father, the hour is come". He was anticipating His death by which He would glorify the Father. He could confidently say that He had already glorified Him and He anticipated returning to the glory that He had shared with the Father before the world began.

He had protected his disciples and kept them safe from the world. He is praying for their continued protection from the evil one. He prays that their sanctification will be accomplished through the truth. He wants them to be distinct in the world, loving what God loves and hating what God hates. 

He prays for a unity among believers and this became a reality when the Spirit came. He looks forward to the time when His desire will be fulfilled and every believer will be with Him where He is to behold His glory. Amazing to think that we will not only see His glory but we will actually share in it (Phil.3:20,21). In the meantime we can be occupied with His glory and be transformed into His image (2Cor.3.18).


Daily reading for: Sunday 24th Jan 2021

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