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For kings, and for all that are in authority

In our country today, we are faced with leaders who are bent on corrupting the nation. Sin is encouraged and taught in the schools, and righteousness is discriminated against - so what should we do?

As Paul exhorts the Christians to pray he asks them to specifically pray for the nation they are living in; for the salvation of those who rule their country and that the Christians may have a quiet life. Do we pray regularly by name for our national leaders?

But what should be our expectations? Do we look for our nation to take on Christian morals or to become a "Christian" country? Whatever people may say, no country has ever been or will be a Christian country. Today God is not dealing with a nation but with people called out from the nations to form the church.

Although our citizenship is in heaven we are not to be completely unconcerned with the activities of our country.  As we see the injustice that surrounds us we may wish to do something about it. However we must keep in mind that the early believers were not revolutionaries but missionaries. 

If we want to make a lasting difference we need to be involved not in politics but in preaching and praying.

Daily reading for: Friday 30th Jul 2021

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