The Benefits of the Church Resource Partner Scheme

Our Church Resource Partnership scheme has many benefits that may interest you.

We offer discounts on your church purchases; you may nominate individuals to purchase on behalf of the church and you are able to purchase by invoice, allowing payment by your treasurer within 30 days.

15% discount will be available to the Church on most purchases of: Bibles • Books • Children’s Books • Music • Hymn Books • Bible Reading Notes • Sunday School Resources • Sunday School Prizes.

Events: By special arrangement, if you have an event, guest speaker or weekend away, we can supply goods on Sale or Return. Please contact us to arrange a bookstall.

10% commission will also be granted on sales made via Church Bookstalls. Download our Church Partnership form and return it via email to [email protected]

We look forward to being in partnership with you as we work towards our mission of resourcing the church

Download Partnership Form