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By divulging his dreams, Joseph fuelled their animosity and it resulted in them selling him into slavery.  Both dreams related to his ultimate supremacy when after many years the hated brother would be “lord of the land” of Egypt. His brothers would literally bow before him as foreshadowed in the two dreams.
At this stage in Joseph’s life, many features distinctly foreshadow the experience of the Lord Jesus. The first dream centred on a field, an earthly scene. The second focused on the sky, a heavenly scene. The power of Christ will be recognised in both of these spheres. “Bow the knee”, they would exclaim before Joseph (Gen 41.43). In heaven and on earth, and under the earth, celestial, terrestrial and infernal beings will bow “at the name of Jesus” (Phil 2.10).
The second dream provoked a “rebuke” from his father, but Jacob’s interest was aroused and he “observed the saying” (Gen 37.11). As for Joseph’s brothers, the dreams stirred both their hatred and their envy (Gen 37.5, 11). They understood perfectly that his dreams anticipated them bowing before him and they found that intolerable (v.8).
“Shalt thou indeed reign over us?” The disdainful question finds its counterpart in the words of a parable. Moved by hatred, the citizens of a nobleman declared, “We will not have this man to reign over us” (Lk 19.14). The picture and the parable had their fulfilment when the people said to Pilate, “We have no king but Caesar” (Jn 19.15).

Sunday, 28 January, 2024

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