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Joseph was sent in his brothers’ interests; his father’s command was, “go” (Gen 37.14). Sometimes the Lord sends His people with the word “go” ringing in their ears. On occasions it is to be of help to fellow-believers as when Ananias was told, “Go into the street which is called Straight”; he was sent to encourage the newly converted Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9.11). Sometimes the “go” is the command to evangelise. Philip was told to “go” as a personal evangelist to bring the Gospel to a single man (Acts 8.26). Peter was told to “go” to fulfil the role of a public preacher (Acts 10.20). It is crucial that we are all as available as Joseph; “Here am I”. Isaiah was equally ready to serve; “who will go?” “Here am I; send me” (Is 6.8). Put your hand to the plough and never look back; ploughers become harvesters, so be a labourer in the harvest; “go” (Lk 9.62 – 10.3).
We have to be equipped for the task for which we are sent and that means that we too must emerge from the vale of Hebron, the sphere of fellowship with our God. Reading His Word and praying are necessary preparations for service. The Lord’s disciples were called for a dual function. First, they were to be “with him”; then they would be sent “forth to preach” (Mk 3.14). If we neglect the first, the second will be ineffective.

Tuesday, 30 January, 2024

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