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Death seemed imminent for Joseph, but the immediate threat was lifted from an unlikely source. Reuben had forfeited the right of the firstborn (1 Chr 5.1); he could have been the man who wore the distinctive robe. Of them all, he was the brother who should have resented Joseph most, but to his credit, he buried his grudges and intervened to save his life.
Critics have labelled him half-hearted, and less courageous than he should have been, but he was one against nine, his motives were true, and he had a half-formulated plan “to deliver him to his father again” (Gen 37.22).

Reuben’s descendants were among the tribes who claimed an inheritance on the wrong side of Jordan (Num 32). Yet, when Joshua addressed those tribes after the leadership of the nation had passed to him they were most positive in their response and gave great encouragement to Joshua (Josh 1.16-18). Sometimes unlikely people rise to the occasion and bring support and encouragement in a time of crisis.

Friday, 2 February, 2024

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