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A Trusted Steward

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Potiphar was an observant man and the ability of his new slave was noticed; Potiphar “made him overseer over his house” (Gen 39.4). Joseph was now in the position that is described elsewhere in Scripture as stewardship. A steward had responsibility for administering the affairs of his master. From day one it was clear that God was blessing; for Joseph’s sake God blessed Potiphar’s home and business (Gen 39.5).
God’s blessing was seen in two spheres, “in the house, and in the field” (Gen 39.5). Apply this to the believer’s stewardship. The field illustrates “the world” (Mt 13.38). We have a stewardship in relation to the world. Said Paul, “a dispensation (stewardship) of the gospel is committed unto me” (1 Cor 9.17). We are commanded to preach it in “all the world” (Mk 16.15).
The house illustrates the assembly, the “house of God” (1 Tim 3.15). In it, each elder is said to be “the steward of God” (Tit 1.7). They have responsibility to administer for God and maintain biblical principles. In fact, all believers are urged to be “good stewards of the manifold grace of God” in the sense of being willing to zealously exercise their spiritual gift for the good of the whole assembly (1 Pet 4.10). The day will come when we will all hear that summons, “give an account of thy stewardship”.

Wednesday, 7 February, 2024

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