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Potiphar had recognised Joseph’s abilities and had given him full responsibility for both domestic and business affairs (v.5); he had the complete confidence of his master (v.6). Then there comes an ominous “after these things” (v.7), and out of the blue Joseph’s circumstances changed dramatically. Life can be like that and without warning a calm sea can become a raging tempest.
 “His master’s wife cast her eyes upon Joseph” (Gen 39.7). The previous verse had remarked on how attractive Joseph was, “a goodly person, and well favoured”, and this unscrupulous shameless woman was enchanted by his good looks. People whose appearance is eye-catching can be vulnerable. Joseph was blameless in his behaviour but he still found himself trapped in a dangerous situation.
“Lie with me”. The lust of the eyes stoked the lust of the flesh as it often does. What Potiphar’s wife saw led her to attempt to seduce him. It was what Judah, Samson and David “saw” that prompted their immoral behaviour (Gen 38.15; Judg 16.1; 2 Sam 11.2). That is why the Lord Jesus warned sternly against an inappropriate “look” and used dramatic language to discourage it; “if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee” (Mt 5.27-30).

Thursday, 8 February, 2024

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