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Joseph’s Release

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The day of Joseph’s release would have started like any other of the weary days of his confinement, but that day his routine chores were interrupted by a summons to the palace. Suddenly and dramatically life changed. In circumstances where there is no light at the end of the dark tunnel God can suddenly flood the tunnel with light! He did it for Joseph.
Not only did Joseph interpret Pharaoh’s dreams, but he also gave suitable advice to cope with the implications (vv.33-36). His first recommendation was that a man “discreet and wise” should be appointed to superintend affairs. Wisdom is always necessary for the even-handed distribution of resources.
Joseph’s suggestion was that during the years of plenty an appropriate amount should be stored to ride out the storm of the famine; he was encouraging foresight. The Lord Jesus forbad “laying up treasure” if it is to create a financial cushion for every eventuality that may, or may not arise. For future necessities He encouraged trust in God and depositing in heaven’s bank with the prospect of a high interest rate for eternity (Mt 6.19-34). Joseph was recommending a reserve fund for a known future contingency. Thus, it is legitimate to save up to meet some inevitable necessary expenditure that lies a little way ahead.

Wednesday, 14 February, 2024

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