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For Joseph’s brothers on their return to Egypt, it was a surprise that they were invited to dine with the “lord of the land” (Gen 43.16). This added to their unease and revived their concerns about the money in their sacks. Joseph’s steward dispelled their fears, and bringing God into the conversation, attributed to Him the “treasure in (their) sacks” (v.23). He described God as “your God, and the God of your father”, an indication that they were known as God’s people.
The arrival of Joseph saw them bowing (Gen 43.26); engaging in conversation they once more bowed (v.28). How literal was the fulfilment of Joseph’s dreams yet again! In his enquiry about his father (v.27) and his benediction on Benjamin (v.29) we observe his sympathy, and then we see his sustenance; “Set on bread (v.31), and it all foreshadows the pity and provision of an Exalted Man for His people; He sympathises and He succours (Heb 2.18; 4.15).
Joseph gave orders that they were to be provided with food “as much as they can carry” (Gen 44.1). Simeon had been released from prison, there were no more accusations from the “lord of the land”, and they had been treated to a royal banquet. All was going well, but a new drama was about to unfold.

Sunday, 18 February, 2024

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