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At daybreak the brothers were on their way (Gen 44.3). It must have come as a shock when the steward hailed them and accused them. They protested their innocence but the silver cup had been “planted” and was now “discovered”; Benjamin was the victim of his brother’s guile.
In the ensuing interview Joseph’s probing enquiry was, “What deed is this that ye have done?” (Gen 44.15). Judah embarked on a lengthy speech that proved that his whole attitude had changed since the days of Joseph’s rejection. In other words, a real spirit of repentance was in evidence, allowing Joseph to express mercy.
On hearing Judah’s touching speech Joseph “wept aloud” (Gen 45.2) and he “made himself known unto his brethren”; “I am Joseph” (Gen 45.1-3). Once more there is a foreshadowing of our Saviour, for a day will come when He will be revealed to the nation that sold Him and slew Him.
Joseph perceived divine activity in not only preserving life (Gen 45.5), but also in preserving “a posterity in the earth” (v.7). This was one of God’s great interventions in human affairs to preserve the lineage through which the Messiah would come into the world.

Monday, 19 February, 2024

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