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View daily reading plan: Genesis 45.9-13; 25-28.

Having revealed his identity, Joseph now commissioned his brothers to return to Canaan and to bring their father. The brothers were ordered to recount to Jacob the full story of Joseph’s exalted position; “tell my father of all my glory in Egypt” (Gen 45.13). Every facet of his splendour, his authority and his beneficence had to be poured into Jacob’s ear.
We cannot read these incidents without being impressed with our responsibility to speak to the Father about the Lord Jesus. “True worshippers” are sought by the Father (Jn 4.21-24), and the Lord’s Supper is an appropriate occasion to express to Him appreciation for His Son. Apply Joseph’s words to the occasion; “tell my father”.
There was now a personal invitation to Jacob to come and occupy Goshen. Joseph wanted his father near (v.10), and Joseph wanted him nourished (v.11). In a spiritual sense, nearness and nourishment go together. For the nourishment of our souls, we need to be close to our heavenly Joseph. Fruitful Christian living depends on branches deriving sustenance by abiding in the vine (Jn 15.4-5).

Tuesday, 20 February, 2024

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