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With Jacob’s family settled in Goshen, the narrative turns to Joseph’s interaction with the Egyptians. The famine was biting relentlessly, and the hard-pressed Egyptians came to Joseph. Acting as Pharaoh’s agent, he systematically took control of their lives. When their money was exhausted, they passed ownership of their cattle to Pharaoh, then their lands, and finally acknowledged themselves to be vassals of the throne. They would continue to work their land, but with a fifth of their produce accruing to the king (v.24).
There seemed to be no sense of resentment on the part of the Egyptians, but an acknowledgement of their indebtedness to Joseph; his foresight and organisational abilities had saved their lives (v.25). Their response of gratitude was to take these steps whereby they became Pharaoh’s slaves.
Christ has saved not so much our lives but our souls, and the fact that “he died for all”, leaves us with no alternative but to “live...unto him which died for (us), and rose again” (2 Cor 5.15). Calvary leaves us with no option but to live devoted lives. John Phillips states that Joseph took control of their purses, their possessions, their property and their persons and it summarises the scope of our indebtedness to Him who “redeemed us to God by (his) blood” (Rev 5.9).

Thursday, 22 February, 2024

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