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When God promised Abraham the land, there was also the prophecy that Abraham’s descendants would be strangers in a foreign land (Gen 15.13). They would emerge with “great substance” (v.14) and there was the promise that his posterity would develop to immense proportions (v.5). All three promises are fulfilled in the one statement; “And Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt…and they had possessions therein, and grew, and multiplied exceedingly”. It serves to show not only the foreknowledge of God but also His faithfulness.
Jacob anticipated another part of God’s prophecy to Abraham, the fact that his descendants would be in Egypt for generations (Gen 15.13-16). He knew he would never see Canaan again, but his heart was set on being buried there. Now Jacob’s race was almost run, “Israel must die” (Gen 47.29), and he wanted preparations for his burial to be clear.
To content his father, Joseph had to swear under oath to bury him in Canaan. There were no witnesses to the agreement, but despite the serious inconvenience and the need for representations to Pharaoh, Joseph kept his word (ch.50.4-6). There is a two-fold lesson; first the respect that is due to parents, and second, the importance of keeping a promise.

Friday, 23 February, 2024

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