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All of Jacob’s sons were gathered round his bed to hear his last words. He had something to say about them all, foreshadowing the development of the tribe that would stem from each of them (Gen 49.1-2). There was also an assessment of their characters and the recollection of their actions.
His review of Joseph’s life was an accurate evaluation of his character and conduct. “Joseph is a fruitful bough”, indicated that a large progeny would issue from him but was also a testimonial to Joseph’s personal integrity and worth.
This “fruitful bough” was “by a well” so, Joseph’s fruitfulness was because he was “a man in whom the Spirit of God is” (Gen 41.38). For us, fresh and fruitful Christian living hinges on the activity of the indwelling Spirit and our dependence upon Him. Its “branches run over the wall” and Joseph’s influence and beneficence may be seen as one of the ways in which this was so. We should ask ourselves if our branches run over the wall. The benefits of having the Holy Spirit in residence mean that “the rivers of living water” should flow out for the blessing of others (John 7.38).
In the face of recurring adversity Joseph had remained resilient. Jacob imagined him being in a conflict zone, “but his bow abode in strength” (Gen 49.24) and he gave the assurance that the One who had strengthened in the past “shall help” and “shall bless” in the future.

Sunday, 25 February, 2024

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