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Peace to the Possessed

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Although the cry of the unclean spirit correctly identified Christ, the Lord would not accept publicity from such a polluted source (cf. Acts 16:17-18). God demands that the moral condition of the messenger correspond with the holiness of the message.

And so they faced each other on the Sabbath day – the Holy One teaching – the unclean spirit shouting. Our Lord can deal with the situation. At the rebuke of Christ the spirit must leave, and the man is left unharmed in the midst. No wonder they were all amazed! The people had already recognised the Lord’s authority – now they see that authority combined with awesome power.

The defeat of Satan was an essential part of the work of our Lord Jesus. He was manifested to undo the works of the devil. The believer experiences God’s rest today because the power of Satan was broken at the cross. One day Satan and his hordes will be banished from the universe totally and finally. Eternal rest will be enjoyed in a sphere where evil will never raise its head again.

“In vain doth Satan now oppose
For God is stronger than His foes!”

Wednesday, 28 February, 2024

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