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Raising the Fallen

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The ass and ox had already been referred to by the Lord in the previous Sabbath-day miracle (Luke 13:15). In that case the Lord spoke of loosing animals that were bound; here He speaks of raising animals that had fallen. This has significance, as the disease ‘dropsy’ was so named because of a dropping or falling sensation due to the collection and retention of body fluids. He also speaks of a pit, possibly a man-made pit for the entrapment of animals. They had hoped He would fall into the trap that they had prepared, but that could never happen.

Do we share the Saviour’s concern for the fallen? In this, and the previous Sabbath-day miracle, the Lord exposes the fact that the Pharisees cared more for their animals (and possessions) than for their fellow human beings. Perhaps today the Lord will use us to raise the fallen, and so participate in His Sabbath-day ministry of grace.

Saturday, 2 March, 2024

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