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Strength for the Helpless

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 The prohibition of carrying burdens on the Sabbath was clear, and the very fact that this man, after 38 years of powerlessness, was now carrying his bedding down the street must have excited comment and amazement. When questioned, the healed man pointed the Jews to the Lord (vv.11, 15). He instinctively knew that if this Man had authority to heal him, then He also had authority to determine Sabbath observance. He had told him to carry his bed, and that was enough!

The anger of the Jews at the perceived desecration of the Sabbath led to a wonderful declaration by the Lord: “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work” (v.17). The Father was working in view of a Sabbath-day yet to come. The Son, in perfect fellowship with the Father, is found working towards the same glorious end. The Jews rightly understood that this statement was a claim to equality with God. In one sense the purpose of the sign healing had been achieved – they were brought face to face with the claims of the Lord. Sadly, their response was one of unbelief and rejection. Today we rejoice in a Saviour who is divine.

The Lord later found the man in the temple (v.14). No doubt he had returned to offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving to God. May this be our response today.

Sunday, 3 March, 2024

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