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Light in the Darkness

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The first seven verses of this chapter relate to the man’s physical sight; the remaining verses relate to his spiritual perception. Notice his growing enlightenment regarding the Person who had healed him: “a man that is called Jesus” (v.11), “a prophet” (v.17), a sinless man (v.31), a unique man (v.32) and finally, Son of God (v.38).

This progression of understanding should have marked the nation as a whole. They should have progressed from seeing the Lord as a man to recognising Him as Son of God. Sadly, they had chosen not to believe and, therefore, the Lord warns of judicial blindness (v.39), a judgment which Paul would see implemented in his day (Rom 11).

The epistle to the Ephesians is the epistle of the new creation, and of the illumination of the heart and mind. The light revealed in chapters 1-3 has its practical counterpart later in the epistle where we are to “walk as children of light” (Eph 5:8). We too have been enlightened by Christ. May our conduct today reflect this great fact!

Monday, 4 March, 2024

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