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Great Things in Hebrews

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Christ is seen as superior to everything in which the Jew boasted. If they had received the word of God, then He is the final revelation. He brought in a new covenant that far surpassed anything  they had known. If they knew something of approach to God and fellowship with God, then He has opened a way of access which is available to all at all times. It is little wonder then that the first great things spoken of in the epistle is “so great salvation”.

Israel had a high priest who entered symbolically into the presence of God. We have a great High Priest who has entered into heaven itself and invites us to draw near to the throne of grace. He is the answer to the “priest of the most high God” to whom Abram paid tithes (Gen 14:18-20). The greatness of Melchisedec is maintained by the silence of Scripture, while the greatness of the true Melchisedec is the subject of all Scripture.

If we are linked to such a Saviour, then we will find that there is a great fight to be endured with a great recompense in view if we are faithful. There is also a great witness to the certainty that it is all worthwhile, the more so because we look past those of earlier ages to consider the One who endured the cross, despising the shame.

The epistle ends with the assurance that we have a great Shepherd, who has triumphed over death, and who will now perfect His work in those who follow Him.

Tuesday, 12 March, 2024

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