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A Great Man

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 It is in the absence of certain details about Melchisedec that he was “made like unto the Son of God”. The superiority of this “great man” over Abraham is seen in the fact that Abraham paid tithes to him.  This indicates that the Melchisedec priesthood is superior to the Levitical priesthood that came from Abraham.

Greatness is seen in three further respects later in Hebrews 7:
1. The Levitical priesthood could never bring about perfection. The glorious assurance is that the Melchisedec priesthood has brought in perfection because it is not based on fallible men, but on the unfailing Son.
2. Because the Son continues for ever, there is no changing of the priesthood. The Levites were subject to death, but our High Priest is never subject to death.
3. There is the glorious assurance that, as a priest after the order of Melchisedec, our Lord ministers in the value of the sacrifice that He has offered. In contrast to the daily repetitive offerings of the Levitical priest, He has offered one sacrifice which is sufficient to deal with every sin for all time.

Our High Priest is great because His work is perfect and His priesthood never changes.

Friday, 15 March, 2024

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