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A Great Fight

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This subject reminds us of the difficulties in the pathway of the believer in this world. Paul warned Timothy, “all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (2 Tim 3:12). The persecution may take different forms, but the fact of its existence is still true.

These believers not only willingly endured reproaches and afflictions, but they chose to stand with others who faced such trials. The first could not be avoided without an open denial of what they professed. The second was a choice that they made when they saw others who faced suffering and stood in need of encouragement. We should be equally careful to identify ourselves with others who suffer for Christ.

We have been considering One who is the full revelation of God, a Saviour and a Priest, who excels angels and men and who accomplished a work that fulfils everything that was foreshadowed in the offerings of the Old Covenant. The believers were ready to suffer reproach and to identify with those who suffered in this way because they were identifying with their Lord.

Are we ready to suffer with Christ now as much as we anticipate glory with Him?

Saturday, 16 March, 2024

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