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While those who hated the Lord Jesus were scheming and plotting His death outside, inside, one of the twelve disciples, one of his friends, was preparing to do his part to fulfil their plot. It was Judas Iscariot, always referred to now as the traitor, “he that betrayed Jesus”.
The other disciples did not know who it was. Dismayed, they enquired among themselves who it could be and then asked, “Lord, is it I?” In a way that the others did not grasp, the Lord identified the traitor and sent him on his way. They just thought that he was going to do some helpful business. But no, he was going to rendezvous with those cunning leaders of the Jews and barter with them for thirty pieces of silver to deliver Him to them. What a burning bargain that would become for Judas! What a price to betray “the Lord of Glory”!
It was not an enemy that did this, then He could have borne it (Psalm 55.12-14). His own “familiar friend” did it, one who had seen and known so much of His love and kindness. Even in the garden, awaiting that kiss of betrayal, in patient love and grace He asked him, “Friend, wherefore have you come?” What love to the unlovable!

Sunday, 24 March, 2024

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