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When Pilate asked what He should do with Jesus of Nazareth, the Jewish leaders chose Caesar instead of the righteous, rightful King of the Jews.  When Pilate asked them to choose between two prisoners for release, he must have believed that the choice was obvious. But to his astonishment, and embarrassment, they chose a murderer, and condemned to death “the Holy One and the Just” (Acts 3. 14).
The Lord Jesus was “the Holy One”. Demons had recognised this, and so had many who observed Him during His lifetime. He was also “the Just One”, a title of dignity used by Stephen and by Paul to describe Him (Acts 7.52; 22.14), and recognised by both Pilate and his wife (Matt. 27.19, 24).
Barabbas was a murderer, a thief, an insurrectionist (nowadays a ‘terrorist’). He had rebelled against lawful authority and was condemned to die for his crimes. But he would walk away a free man, although still guilty and unchanged, perhaps to do more damage in days to come.
That is the man they chose. They killed the Prince of life (Acts 3.15). Yet by His unique death millions would obtain eternal life, for by His death He defeated death and became the author of eternal salvation to those who choose Him.

Wednesday, 27 March, 2024

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