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“He is risen as He said”
The message of the angels was unequivocal, the evidence of the empty tomb was unmistakable. How strange then that the first reports of these facts were treated with so much unbelief, even incredulity, and that by disciples who had heard Him say several times that He would rise again the third day! It seems they did know the Old Testament scriptures, but they were “slow of heart to believe ALL that the prophets had spoken” (Luke 24.25).
The Jewish leaders gave more credence to what they had heard, even noting the relevance of the “third day” (Matt 27.62-66). It stirred them to persuade Pilate to take actions which would be futile anyway. Nothing could prevent God from raising His Son from among the dead.
What a difference when the Lord Himself appeared to these doubting disciples. In the upper room they “were glad when they saw the Lord”. A week later, Thomas was moved to worship at the revelation of His wounded hands and side. On the road to Emmaus, the eyes of another two were opened and their hearts burned within them.
May the certainty of His resurrection affect us like that. “He is risen as He said.” If He had not, we would be “of all men most miserable”!

Sunday, 31 March, 2024

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