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“Sat on the right hand of God”
In the Gospels we often read about Jesus sitting; wearied by a well, teaching in a boat, explaining truth on the Mount of Olives. But this is different, now exalted and glorified He is seated on heaven’s throne of glory because His work on earth is finished.
He has offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, the perfect priest who offered the once-for-all perfect sacrifice (Heb 10.12). It will never need to be repeated.
We have complete confidence in Him, for He has purged our sins (1.3). On that throne we have a great High Priest (8.1) who is “touched with the feeling of our infirmities” (4.15). We look to Him there for strength to run our race to the end for He is the Author and Finisher of our faith (12.2).
And He will reign for ever as a priest upon that throne (Zech 6.13).
Lamb of God, Thou now art seated
High upon Thy Father’s throne!
All Thy gracious work completed,
All Thy mighty victory won!
Every knee in heaven is bending
To the Lamb for sinners slain.
Every voice with praise is swelling –
“Worthy is the Lamb to reign!”
J G Deck

Wednesday, 3 April, 2024

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