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Sowing the Seed

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He gathers up his basketful of precious seed and goes out to scatter it over his patch of ground. He is not put off by the threatening weather (Eccl 11.4), or the hard soil and hungry birds out there. 
Corn from last year should see his family through to the next harvest. But if nothing is sown there will not be a next harvest. He must sow that seed!

So must we. The seed is the Word of God. The field is the world. Conditions are not congenial but the time is short. Scattering that precious Seed is our present task. What happens after it’s sown is not our responsibility, although we realise that “watering” it is important (1 Cor 3.6).

The devil will snatch away some of the seed, shallow soil will inhibit the development of some more, thorns and thistles will choke out some real growth. But all is not lost - “God gives the increase” – always, as it pleases Him!

Today, then, let’s go out to sow:
    to “sow beside all waters” (Isa 32.20),  i.e., everywhere;
    to sow in the morning and not to give up in the evening (Eccl 11.6), i.e., all the time;
    to sow in tears, serious with the burden of duty, yet expectant with the joy of harvest (Ps 126.5).

Saturday, 6 April, 2024

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