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Leading of the Spirit

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In the context of public praying and preaching in the assembly, we are often reminded of the importance of “being led by the Spirit”. And that is important, for it is all too easy to do things on the impulse of the flesh.

But the leading of the Spirit is much more than that. For those who are “the sons of God” it must be a characteristic of their everyday lives. “Children of God” born into His family by grace through faith (Jn 1.12-13), are also “sons of God” who demonstrate the dignity of their calling as they “walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit”.

A clear evidence of ‘the leading of the Spirit’ in the life of a believer will be the “fruit of the Spirit”. If this fruit is absent, we are not being led by the Spirit! It is not so much that we shun the works of the flesh as we surely ought to, but that positively and consistently the fruit of the Spirit is being produced in our lives.

It means that beyond words, in deed and in truth, we are known for our love, joy and peace, our longsuffering, patience and gentleness, our faith, meekness and temperance – all blended in a life that reflects the beauty of Christ, and spreads around the fragrance of His name.

Monday, 8 April, 2024

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