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Burning the Fire

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Night had fallen. The Israelites were asleep in their tents in the darkness. All around the cold air of the desert was creeping in.

But inside the tabernacle enclosure there was a glow of heat. A fire was still burning on the large bronze altar. The law of the burnt offering said it would be “burning upon the altar all night unto the morning”. Then a fresh supply of fuel would ensure that the burnt offerings and peace offerings would continue the next day, all through the desert journey, and for generations to come. “The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out,” said the LORD (v. 13). Sad to say, that didn’t happen.

All around us now is a cold, callous world, with people asleep in the darkness of sin. Will we keep our hearts aglow, burning with the fire of worship and appreciation of Christ, of love for Him whose love for us never grows cold?

There have always been faithful saints who have kept their fire “burning all night unto the morning”, even during centuries of hostility and neglect of the Word and ways of God. God “smelled a sweet savour”, as His people appreciated His Son. May we continue this today, and never let the fire of our worship go out. 

Tuesday, 9 April, 2024

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