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Washing Feet

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They had been on the road for what seemed ages. They were footsore and weary. Disputing about who would be the greatest did not lift morale or encourage humility or unity. But now the twelve and their Lord and Master had reached the upper room. They could all do with rest and refreshment. Hot and dusty feet needed a wash, but no one seemed able or willing to do the chore. They sat and waited.
Then Jesus rose up, poured water into a basin, and He washed their feet, then completed the servant’s task by wiping them with His towel. Peter of course protested, then he wanted more, but the feet of all twelve disciples were tenderly and caringly refreshed by their Lord, including Judas whose heart was by this time set on betrayal (vv.2,11). 
This supreme act of humility and kindness gave to them, and to us, two important lessons. (1) The washing of the feet is symbolic of daily cleansing from defilement contracted during our walk through this world.  We all need this washing. (2) The Lord’s actions are an example to be followed by everyone who would serve Him: with love and care we ought to be ready to wash one another’s feet, humbly serving each other. 
“If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them” (v.17).

Monday, 15 April, 2024

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