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Covering the Head

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After looking at the symbolism and meaning of the Lord washing the disciples’ feet, let’s look at the symbolism and significance of the head-covering.

In verse 7 we read: “for a man ought not to cover his head”. This is definitive and clear, and raises the question, “What about a woman?” It infers that for a woman it should be different. But we don’t need inferences, because verse 5 has already stated that a woman with her head uncovered is dishonourable and even shameful. Her head should be covered.

That these verses refer to church gatherings is obvious from the whole context of 1 Corinthians, and this is reinforced by noting that the rest of this chapter 11 deals with the Lord’s Supper which is specific for the local church. Hence, in local church gatherings, the covering of women’s heads and the uncovering of men’s heads is important, not an out of date tradition or an optional extra. 

These instructions are clear enough in themselves, but we are also told why all this matters. The woman’s covered head and the man’s uncovered head are symbols which point to the authority of the Head of the church in heaven (Eph 4.15). We show our submission to Him by these simple actions. We do it to honour and glorify Him whenever we meet in the local church.


Tuesday, 16 April, 2024

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