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Prowling of the Lion

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The lion in the wild prowls with stealth and hides from his victim, but he is fixed on the kill. Our enemy is like that. We must be sober and vigilant, for the careless and the indulgent are easy prey. When he shows up, do not be dismayed by his roar. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, trusting in God like David did in the valley of Elah when Goliath roared. We can quench all the fiery darts of the Wicked One by using the shield of faith. We can stand our ground by putting on the whole armour of God (Eph 6.10-17). 

Sometimes he changes his disguise: “that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan” (Rev 12.9), operates as “an angel of light”, seeking to deceive us with his charm as he did with Eve in Eden. The “armour of light” (Rom 13.12) will protect us from his deceptions as we shun the works of darkness, “walking in the light” (1 Jn 1.7).

Whether our adversary roars like a lion, trying to scare us, threatening to devour us, or lies in wait like a serpent trying to tempt us and deceive us, we can overcome him as our Lord Jesus did in the wilderness long ago, by applying the Word of God in the power of the Spirit of God. 

Saturday, 20 April, 2024

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