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Shepherding the Sheep

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Sheep are vulnerable creatures, prone to wander (as we once did – 1 Peter 2.25), easy prey for the roaring lion or the destructive bear, but precious to the shepherd to whom they belong.

The Lord Jesus is the Shepherd of our souls. The Good Shepherd, He gave His life for the sheep, they hear His voice and they follow Him. The Great Shepherd, He cares for the sheep and works in us that which is well-pleasing in His sight. With His rod and staff He leads us onwards on resurrection ground to our home above.

He is also the Chief Shepherd who will soon appear. While He is absent He has delegated to “under-shepherds” the care of His sheep presently. So He said three times to Peter (John 21), “Feed, tend My sheep, My lambs. If you love Me, love them, be a shepherd to them.” Peter undoubtedly did that, as his two epistles show, and in this one he encourages elders to do it too – right up to this day. 

The saints in the local assembly need to be cared for, to be led forward safely, to be fed appropriately. Men with shepherd hearts will do this willingly and humbly, not as “lords over” but as “examples to” the flock. A crown of glory awaits those who do it correctly.

Sunday, 21 April, 2024

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