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John “declares” truth that “God is light” - He is intrinsically righteous, impeccably sinless, utterly holy - "and in him is no darkness at all". That fundamental fact had to be impressed on the believers’ minds for it had implications for their present situation; true believers are those who “walk in the light”; sinners “walk in darkness”.

As ever, what a person is positionally will be evidenced practically. Believers who were “once darkness” and who are now “light in the Lord” will “walk as children of light” and will produce “the fruit of the light” (Eph5.8-9, RV). That does not imply a believer’s perfection, but in the blood of Christ provision has been made for their cleansing. The believer who confesses his sin receives parental forgiveness from the Father. The blood allows Him to forgive the believer on a righteous foundation, and confession makes it a reality.

In summary, the person claiming to have fellowship with God, as one walking in the light, will maintain the joy of that relationship by confessing sin, accepting that the Father has pardoned it legitimately, and rejoicing in the fact that the precious blood has made the transaction possible.

Saturday, 27 April, 2024

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