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Abide in Him

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Every dear child in God’s family should strive to maintain doctrinal stability, while diligently fostering the links of communion with our Lord, “abiding in Him”.

Practically, it involves the consistent reading of Scripture to hear His voice. It demands a disciplined prayer life which betokens our dependence on Him. It means wholly following the Lord as did Caleb (Deut 1.36), rather than following “afar off” as did Peter on the eve of Calvary (Mk 14.54).

The effect of “abiding” will be seen when “he shall appear”. In this context, the appearing seems to refer to His appearing to His own at the Rapture rather than to His manifestation to the world at His coming in power and great glory. John seems to have the Judgment Seat of Christ in view. Those who abide will have confidence then. The word carries the idea of freedom in speech. They will not be struck dumb with their mouths closed in an embarrassed silence under the scrutiny of the Judge of the living and the dead.

Along with that positive confidence, there will be an absence of shame. Will failing to abide mean that I will be ashamed on that day of my worldliness, my carnality, my lack of Christlikeness, my shallowness?

Sunday, 5 May, 2024

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