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The idea of anointing is familiar to readers of the Old Testament, and the Hebrew word most often used suggests the anointing as a symbol of being set apart for God in a special way. The Hebrew word used here for 'anointest' is used only a few times and elsewhere suggests ‘making fat or enriching’. David is thinking of the abundance of blessing conferred on him by the Lord, and sees it as the crown of his privileges.

The overflowing cup speaks of the psalmist’s joy. We are not specifically told what the cup contained, but the psalmist speaks of it as ‘my cup’. So it is a portion from the Shepherd’s hand which he has made his own! The Scriptures speak of the cup of salvation (Ps 116:13); of consolation (Jer 16:7); and of blessing (1 Cor 10:16), all of which are precious to the believer.

Tuesday, 28 May, 2024

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