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Joseph's Courage

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The fact that Joseph was prepared to wear the coat that distinguished him from his brothers showed his courage. In a world that cultivates conformity, it is bold to stand out from the crowd (cf Rom 12:2). Such a stance will attract scornful and hostile attention.

Joseph had shown resolve when he related to his father Jacob an “evil report” of his brethren’s activity (Gen 37:2). This not only took courage, it could only have been done by one who was not guilty of participating in their malpractice. The moral right to denounce the sinful behaviour of the world belongs to those who are not characterised by it themselves (cf John 8:46).

It had also taken courage for Joseph to divulge his dreams to his parents and his brethren. What audacity to suggest that he would one day be exalted to a position of glory! For this reason, “they hated him yet the more” (Gen 37:5). This animosity gave rise to the plan to sell him into slavery.

As Joseph travelled with the Midianites down to Egypt, facing a life of slavery, it would have been easy for him to abandon hope of his prospects ever being realised. The courage (‘virtue’, AV) he demonstrated in the face of overwhelming difficulties revealed that his expectations would not be removed as easily as his coat.

Thursday, 30 May, 2024

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