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Joseph’s Brotherly Kindness

View daily reading plan: Genesis 45; 2 Peter 1:7

The moment when Joseph made himself known to his brothers is one of the most dramatic scenes in the Old Testament. Given his past experiences and the elevated position in which he now was it is surprising to find him receiving his brothers with such warmth. What led him to deal with them in this manner? They were 'his brethren'.

The fact that we as believers are brothers should be a determining factor in our unity. Such was the importance of this in the mind of the Saviour that He made it a part of His prayer in John 17 (vv.11, 21-22). Joseph understood human nature and so his charge to them was that they “fall not out by the way” (Gen 45:24).  This is a word of exhortation to believers because we discredit our Lord when there is strife among brethren.

Joseph’s tears before his brothers were evidence of genuine affection; he had twice wept privately for them (Gen 42:24; 43:30). His outward actions were entirely consistent with his private feelings for them. Brotherly kindness will be shown practically when we love in deed and in truth and not merely in word and tongue.

Monday, 3 June, 2024

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