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Fierce Opposition

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 Gideon’s first exploits were met with instant opposition. The men of his city were fanatical in their allegiance to Baal, for they were up ‘early in the morning’ (v28), and their first port of call was their shrine: hence the immediate discovery of its desecration. The Philistines were equally devoted to their fish-god Dagon for they too attended at his temple ‘early on the morrow’ (1Sam 5v3). If pagan people could show such commitment to their deities, how much more earnest should we be in our dedication to Christ!

The enraged worshippers demanded Gideon’s head, but amazingly, his father jumped to his defence. His argument seemed to carry weight and the whole situation was defused. The response of Joash does expose the impotence of idols, and it appears that his fellow-citizens could see their folly, for they were among the first to support Gideon in his assault against the Midianites (v34). Gideon’s obedience to his God had paid immediate dividends.

If you start on a life of devotion, and service for God you can expect opposition. When the twelve tribes of Israel united under David, there was an immediate attack by the Philistines (2Sam 5v17). When the Lord was embarking on His public ministry there was instant opposition from the devil (Matt 4). You will likely experience resistance to your work for God, but be like these others, and press on.

Thursday, 20 June, 2024

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